Tiny Trees for Solar Power

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Fractal Trees

March 5, 2012

Microscopic “fractal trees” grown from silver could be the basis of a new type of solar cell, say chemists at the University of California, Davis.

“We expect these structures will allow us to make better, more efficient solar cells,” said Professor Frank Osterloh, a principal investigator on the $100,000 grant.

Fractals are patterns that repeat over multiple length scales. In this case, branches of silver 1-50th the width of a human hair are themselves branched, and smaller branches grow on those branches, forming a treelike pattern.

In a solar cell application, the silver trees are coated with light-absorbing polymers. When light particles (photons) hit the polymer coat, they produce short-lived electrons and holes in the polymer. The positively charged holes are collected through the silver branches, while the electrons move to the counterelectrode to create an electrical potential.

Osterloh compared the structures to real trees, which use a fractal structure of branches to twigs to spread a wide canopy of leaves for sunlight collection. Similarly, the nanosized silver trees will have a large surface area.

Osterloh’s lab at UC Davis will fabricate the solar cells, which will be characterized by collaborators Sean Shaheen at the University of Denver and Richard Taylor, University of Oregon. Boaz Ilan, UC Merced, will carry out computer modeling on the systems.


Check my fractal trees out in the “Nifty Nature” gallery.




Friday Fractal Feature 3rd March 2012


Fractal Art

Some comments i got about this at deviantART

“Oh my gosh! This so looked like a photograph of a real building! I opened the thumbnail and PRESTO! It’s a fractal….great! Well done.”

“Brilliant! Reminds me of the kind of shabby/genteel townhouse in which a travelling gentleman could perhaps find more than just a bed for the night”

“In-freaking-credible!!! This is one of the most amazing fractals that looks like the “real” thing, or should I say, “surreal” thing. This is truly spectacular!”

Now, that’s a very original piece made with this technique!

Terrific work ~ such realism!

” The electrons scald fractal patterns into the slab as they escape”

Check Out This Fractal Art Made by Blasting Plastic With a Particle Accelerator 

“Whatever gripes you may have with “art” that seems to be created in the abscense of some sort of finely honed “skill” or “talent,” you can’t deny that firing electrons at things is a pretty sweet way to make a centerpiece for your living room. Imagine one of these babies as a coffee table. You can check out some of Johnson’s more sophisticated Shockfossils over at his deviantART page

Supernova looks like a simple Fractal

Intertwining ovoid arcs wrapping around an egg shaped supernova? Looks like fractal math at work to me.


 Diamonds in her Eyes-Print

Diamonds in her Eyes

 I posted this image at deviantArt when i created it and got this awesome comment:-

The stylish look of this art is fantastic. It looks like a combination of an arena,a giant eyeball,and a galaxy into one. This art reminds me of my Optic Illusion Background due to the “eyeball” feature. The technique used here is impressive,yet astonishing. The Impact of this art makes you think you’re in another universe. I have no doubt that this art makes an excellent background for sceneries such as fantasy or science fiction art. The colors,shading, and the design of this artwork will no doubt leave people breathless. Overall, this art is a flawlessly beautiful sight for the eyes.



Hi, I am Amorina Ashton a Fractal Artist

‘Using true fractal mathematics i create works with colors and shapes and instead of painting what i see before my eyes i use this form of art to express my feelings and emotions’ Amorina Ashton

Welcome Visitors and fellow Artists … Amorina Ashton is my Artist name, i chose to upload my images under this name instead of my real name to avoid copyright confusion because these images are already known under my Artist name.
I have been making Fractals since 2002 and i love capturing the beauty of this wonderful world and am totally fascinated by the challenge of creating new shapes and forms and finding the right colors once i have created an image. Colors can make or break an image in my opinion so i hope you enjoy my very colorful World of Fractals.

All my works are pure fractals with no postwork except occasionally a slight gamma adjustment and of course the frame and Signature.

Thank you very much for your interest.